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Social media... most of it see it every day... even if we don't, we are all influenced by it in some way shape or form. Most of the work we do is social media orientated. Social content is not only a nessessity in modern day businessess, organisations and movements but it is also a highky effective tool when used correctly. A key factor to this social media equation is film, through film you can send your message, promote your product and increase your exposure, let us help you do it. 


Social content


Documentaries make us tick. "To learn about another is to learn about one's self"..... if someone famous hasn't said this... well they should have. We believe documentaries are a key function to a positive future. Through innovative storytelling and journeys of discovery we aim to learn more about the world we live in, whilst creating content that allows others to do the same. Having had international success on the festival circuit, we like to think we can give them a good go.



As the song goes "he's a dedicated follower of fashion".... we love shooting fashion! The creative freedom in this medium gets our juices flowing. Having shot fashion in studios, on location, in rain and in sun, we love the models we work with and the content we create. 


We love music just as much as we love film. Without music the world would be a much bleaker place. We love the freedom to create and work with other creatives. Music needs to be heard and through the inclusivity of film we can help spread your music, your passion and creativity. Whether it's live sessions, studio sessions, outdoor gigs or fully blown cinematic music videos, let's do it, let's create something that does your music justice.


Music promo

We've all seen commercials, many bad and many good. We don't need to explain the importance of commercials and brand promotional content in the 21st century but what we can explain is how we'll create the commercial for you. We'll work with you from beginning to end, providing the highest quality product to attract towards your brand, product or identity. Whether it's online commercials or TV commercials, we'll provide you with the crew, kit, material and expertise to make your adverts pop out from the crowd.



What happens behind the camera? .......Coffee, hard work, ups and downs and much much more. We film it all... but with the joy of editing, we'll make it look just how you want it to. Jokes aside, behind the scenes and EPK (electronic press kits) are an integral part of modern day productions and events. Promote your project by showing the work that's gone into it. 


Beind the scenes


Short film tells a story, we love to tell stories, that's why we do what we do. The influence of short film is arguably stronger than it has ever been. Through powerful short films, we can do what we wish to do best; invoke emotion, provoke thought and spread stories that change, help and heal us, throughout the world.

Shot film



We love music, we love parties, we love good times. What better way to capture the essence of a festival or performance than through film. Whether it's festival after movies or live streams of performances, let's share the love of what we humans do best, get together and have a good boogie. 

Live stream

Now this covers a rather broad spectrum of content creation.... but so do we, so it's all good. We're just going to pop a few things down here that we can do for you..... we don't think it'll take long for you to imagine how one could benefit you..... whether you need a highlight reel, after movie, live stream, time lapse, drone shot, point of view movie, development film, interview or a 360 degree tour of your office.... don't worry... we'll do it and we'll be there from start to finish to advise and guide you through the process.



Corporate and events
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